Sunday, November 8, 2009

yehliu trip

if you're into rock formation, love love love the sea, and you have bionic legs (for climbing up the hill)...YEHLIU GEO PARK is your spot then.

how to get there:

1.taoyuan-taipei (local train) - NTS41 (one way) (bus) - NT$90 (one way)
3.park fee -NT$ 50

lovely...the climb was totally worth it!

melody and i didn't queue for the infamous queen... long line.. hell noh!
we enjoyed the see breeze by walking and walking instead...

and oh... don't forget to bring your water bottle if you don't want to get dehydrated and please wear your comfy shoes...

early december, i guess, is the best time to visit the park... cool breeze but not freeezing!!!

am actually swamped with readings and powerpoints to deal with but i guess i needed a break so i went out and enjoyed the sunshine...

.... a different view... away from books, reading materials and thesis... thanks melody for going with me...

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