Saturday, November 7, 2009

school library... not today

i' suppose to stay the at the library today but i didn't........lazy

i got up just before lunch time and hurried up to dr.wei's clinic. well, the doctor advised me to take norvasc for a monthand we'll see... so i guess am officially "on" with norvasc, am not really about it but what can i do?

i grabbed lunch as soon as i got home, had a little chat with ginger and we decided to go to the city for dinner..sushi oh yeahhh! anyhooo.. i tried cleaning my room but i failed, i ended up watching himym ep.6.hehehehe!

as planned g and i had suhi, we didn't eat that much since we realized we wanna have coldstone after.. we went to tonlin first to check out some shoes then to mitsukoshi. as always coldstone also meant long line. we're both tempted to have the "gotta have it" size but we decided to "love it" size instead. i had chocolate devotion and g had cookie doughn't you want some. we didn't talk much until we finished our icecream. and yes, i reached my sugar quota for the week in one sittin' so rich.. a slice of brownie, a spoon of chocolate chip, and a swirl of chocolate syrup in my chocolate icecream.... sugar rush!!

since we had calorie overdose, we decided to walk some more.. i bought a scraf for lola,my christmas for her, hope she'll like it. on our way back to where g parked her scooter, we saw a rack full of jeans for only NTS150, i'm not really delighted since i know they wouldn't have my size. g is actually contemplating on getting a pair of skinny jeans so when she saw a good pair she hurried to the fitting room.. and it looks really good on her. so without any hesitation she bought it.

when we got home, she "modelled" her new jeans with possible tops, shoes, flipflops, and bags.. it was fun.. we were gigglin'..

*yawning*... i got to go to bed, i have to be up as early as 7 for my yehliu trip.

wan an!