Monday, November 30, 2009

gloomy sunday and single-ness

i don't like gloomy weather. for some weird reason(s) gray sky is making me emo. it's been days since i haven't seen the sun and i'm hating it... so what am so emo about?!?

the one...

...that got away
...who is taken
...who doesn't like me
...who is for me

the "picky" comments

i hate when they say... maybe "you're so picky"... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! of course, i should be picky and i have the right to be one... the person we're talking about is the ONE whom i'd be spending the rest of my life with... of course i should be picky!!!

when they say "you know when you know"

when i asked my married/taken friends howdyaknow he or she is the one... they have a common answer "you know when you know"... huh?!

the marrying type

the rudest comment ever... "maybe you're not the marrying type". what the?! eh?! i have no idea how to process that comment... but i have to admit i was shocked.i know.. am not the holiest creature in this planet...but i do believe am a good person... am not that domesticated duh?!? i managed to survive with my limited kitchen skills but i have to say am improving...anyhooo.. am running it of explanations... but you can judge me and all and throw that comment over and over again... but hey... no matter how shitty i can get i'm still the marrying type and so are you.


"it is because you're not dating"...are you sure about that? should i broadcat it? sometime i keep it to myself becaue i don't want to jinx it.. and besides, some people do get it wrong ... like if i get to date guy one after another to they'd think am desperate and if am not dating they'd think i don't have a life... so where would i go? ughhhhhhhhhhhh!!! some girls are lucky they get to marry the first guy they dated... but am not one them.. so cut me some slack!

the geeky/boring-side of me...

am not a geek/boring !!! i just happen to love films. zoo.museums. and tralalalala.

oh well single-ness...

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