Monday, November 30, 2009

gloomy sunday and single-ness

i don't like gloomy weather. for some weird reason(s) gray sky is making me emo. it's been days since i haven't seen the sun and i'm hating it... so what am so emo about?!?

the one...

...that got away
...who is taken
...who doesn't like me
...who is for me

the "picky" comments

i hate when they say... maybe "you're so picky"... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! of course, i should be picky and i have the right to be one... the person we're talking about is the ONE whom i'd be spending the rest of my life with... of course i should be picky!!!

when they say "you know when you know"

when i asked my married/taken friends howdyaknow he or she is the one... they have a common answer "you know when you know"... huh?!

the marrying type

the rudest comment ever... "maybe you're not the marrying type". what the?! eh?! i have no idea how to process that comment... but i have to admit i was shocked.i know.. am not the holiest creature in this planet...but i do believe am a good person... am not that domesticated duh?!? i managed to survive with my limited kitchen skills but i have to say am improving...anyhooo.. am running it of explanations... but you can judge me and all and throw that comment over and over again... but hey... no matter how shitty i can get i'm still the marrying type and so are you.


"it is because you're not dating"...are you sure about that? should i broadcat it? sometime i keep it to myself becaue i don't want to jinx it.. and besides, some people do get it wrong ... like if i get to date guy one after another to they'd think am desperate and if am not dating they'd think i don't have a life... so where would i go? ughhhhhhhhhhhh!!! some girls are lucky they get to marry the first guy they dated... but am not one them.. so cut me some slack!

the geeky/boring-side of me...

am not a geek/boring !!! i just happen to love films. zoo.museums. and tralalalala.

oh well single-ness...

Monday, November 16, 2009

papa moments

(@mcdo katipunan, breakfast date last september)

eva drove me to school today, since i need to catch the 8:10 faculty bus. before getting off, i kissed her and said "thanks for drivin' me to school, be safe on your way back home"...

sarka, couldn't help it and said "what a spoiled brat" with a huge grin... i just said "oh well" and winked.

i felt a sudden jolt... and geeeeeeeez i miss papa... i just realized what i said to eva, is my line to papa, when he (and my mom) drove me to school, to work or some place else. good thing, i still have enough phone credits so...

i called home... and yes, as always he said "iloveyoubaby". it made my day!

....ohh, i miss mom, kuy-kuy and mckoy as well.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

yehliu trip

if you're into rock formation, love love love the sea, and you have bionic legs (for climbing up the hill)...YEHLIU GEO PARK is your spot then.

how to get there:

1.taoyuan-taipei (local train) - NTS41 (one way) (bus) - NT$90 (one way)
3.park fee -NT$ 50

lovely...the climb was totally worth it!

melody and i didn't queue for the infamous queen... long line.. hell noh!
we enjoyed the see breeze by walking and walking instead...

and oh... don't forget to bring your water bottle if you don't want to get dehydrated and please wear your comfy shoes...

early december, i guess, is the best time to visit the park... cool breeze but not freeezing!!!

am actually swamped with readings and powerpoints to deal with but i guess i needed a break so i went out and enjoyed the sunshine...

.... a different view... away from books, reading materials and thesis... thanks melody for going with me...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

school library... not today

i' suppose to stay the at the library today but i didn't........lazy

i got up just before lunch time and hurried up to dr.wei's clinic. well, the doctor advised me to take norvasc for a monthand we'll see... so i guess am officially "on" with norvasc, am not really about it but what can i do?

i grabbed lunch as soon as i got home, had a little chat with ginger and we decided to go to the city for dinner..sushi oh yeahhh! anyhooo.. i tried cleaning my room but i failed, i ended up watching himym ep.6.hehehehe!

as planned g and i had suhi, we didn't eat that much since we realized we wanna have coldstone after.. we went to tonlin first to check out some shoes then to mitsukoshi. as always coldstone also meant long line. we're both tempted to have the "gotta have it" size but we decided to "love it" size instead. i had chocolate devotion and g had cookie doughn't you want some. we didn't talk much until we finished our icecream. and yes, i reached my sugar quota for the week in one sittin' so rich.. a slice of brownie, a spoon of chocolate chip, and a swirl of chocolate syrup in my chocolate icecream.... sugar rush!!

since we had calorie overdose, we decided to walk some more.. i bought a scraf for lola,my christmas for her, hope she'll like it. on our way back to where g parked her scooter, we saw a rack full of jeans for only NTS150, i'm not really delighted since i know they wouldn't have my size. g is actually contemplating on getting a pair of skinny jeans so when she saw a good pair she hurried to the fitting room.. and it looks really good on her. so without any hesitation she bought it.

when we got home, she "modelled" her new jeans with possible tops, shoes, flipflops, and bags.. it was fun.. we were gigglin'..

*yawning*... i got to go to bed, i have to be up as early as 7 for my yehliu trip.

wan an!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

thursday errands and presentation dates

things to do today:

1. print reading materials for upcoming presentation.
2. work on my critique for negotiation class (week6)
3. write a reflection for cross-cultural class
(cultural challenges when doing business in china)
4. accomplish form 2 for thesis proposal (due: november 6)
5. mail birthday gift to tita beth
6. review notes: foreign affairs midterm exam (november 6)

presentation dates:

1. november 13 --> cross cutural communication (round 2, with sarka and leo)
2. november 17 --> cross strait
3. november 21 --> foreign affairs
4. december 8 --> international law
5. december 14 --> regional integration
6. _________ --> negatiation

...and deadline thesis proposal is 10 days prior my propose(d) oral defense.ughhh!!

good thing final paper for each subject is due by the end fall semester....

Monday, November 2, 2009

monday monday!!!

"the teacher's bus is leaving! are you feeling alright?" - natalie alarm bell obviously didn't work today. ughhhh!!! and yes, i was lucky that today the universe was on my side. the bus7 came as soon as i reached the bus stop, i was able to catch the fast train (ban-ciao and taipei) and i was able to get a sit at the mrt during monday rush... lucky me!!! since i was on my in-a-hurry mode, i didn't realize it was cold... winter (minus the snow) is already here.

since, our class today started at 9am (make up session)... am 45 minutes late...oh well.. i did my best.

we took the jiojio bus back to toayuan... went for nap.. and just when i was about to head to the city for dinner and grocery, eva texted me if wanna go to carrefour... ohh yeah!

we had dinner at this posh hotpot place near carrefour....yummy!!!

we didn't go aisle to aisle this them... but it's ok, i don't wanna get tempted and buy something that i really don't need.... hehehe

here's what i bought:

1. paper cups (for eva)
2. tea (ceylon, sri lanka)
3. my energy bar (barres cereleas -abricots et chocolat au lait)
4. rosemary and honey soap (4 bars)
5. neutrogena daily scrub
6. mouthwash
7. sensodyne - gum proection
8. wet tissue
9. 2 boxes of water (eva paid for it)

my grocery items doesn't end there... will have to go pinoy store and the big grocery nearby to complete my list. yes, i have to admit my grocery list every month got 3 columns. wahehehehe.

anyhoo... i gotta go, i need to read...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

early morning fireworks

last night, on my way home from apt.176-7 i saw a number of tents are being set up so i knew that that there would be an event. but i wasn't away that there's more...

since i wanted to enjoy the cool breeze i left my windows wide open, i didn't worry much about sunshine waking me up since may dark brown curtains is doing its best to keep my room as dark as i wanted... not that i don't like the morning sun.

while am enjoying my moments with my pillows, fireworks... woke me, i checked the time.. and geeeeeez, it was nine in the morning.. yes, nine! aside from the fireworks i can hear people chanting so loud.. i tried my best to ignore it hoping to get more sleep.. but nah!

it was almost after lunch when they get tired and went home.. i was happy.. for awhile.

...after doing some kitchen stuff, i heard a drilling noise. crap, i ran into my room and looked at the window. geez, a construction was going on. i was annoyed...big time.

since i couldn't sleep, i ended up watchin' sex and the city (season 3) with handee.

i think it was almost 5ish when i curled up with my blankie and enjoyed the cool breeze.

i guess living steps away from the district office is not always fun...