Friday, June 19, 2009

summer thoughts

whew!i survived another semester... summmmmmmmmmmmerrrrrrrrrrr vacation!!!!

as soon as i started working years ago i haven't had or used the term summer vacation... so now i love love the term and the fact that i'd be having one. cheers!

i really wouldn't have much of bumming around moments since i'd be starting my internship by july 1... not that am complaining.. to be honest i miss working and the peeps at 9th flr. and "our" adopted crew.


aside from commuting almost everyday (taoyuan to tienmu,taipei) and be an office slave once again... i have gazillion things that i wanna do but i guess i need to narrow it down so its not just gonna be my "wannabe" list.

well, yesterday was good start. i got to be outside outside taipei for the first time. good thing i can stand being on a train for a long time. thanks to my previous trips to indonesia (jakarta-yogyakarta) and thailand (bangkok-to samui) that made me sat on a train for like more or less 13 hrs doing anything juist for me not to go mental..and yes, i survived. so i guess i wouldn't have to take HSR, which is very expensive, if id go around, unless am really press for time.

been here almost a year and i have to admit my chinese is poor... and am not proud of it. my business chinese last semester did helped me but i have to exert more effort. the hardest part in learning the language is the characters. i mean i think i can easily pick up some words and can construct sentences but the characters... ughhh. but yeah, no more excuses.. i should learn! yey! melissa will be tutoring me this summer since she's not going back to taichung. thanks melissa!!!

after sorting some papers, i just realized how much trees i have killed, but hey i can't read an article online it's because of my i don't have any choice but to print them. uhmm... most of the files were printed back to back so i wouldn't feel as guilty.

well, i thought this summer would be "non-academic" in nature, where i can read the books that i like, be online just because. and no deadlines... but nah!!! i have/need to read and collect materials for my thesis.. waaaaaaaaa!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


class trip huh?! well THEY didn't show up at the train station so it was just US--the couple, natalie, sarka, claudio + lenka and me.

we took the early/fast train since we're pressed for time and camping out is not part of the game plan. we all didn't get any decent sleep from last night's party so we're all like sleeping panda during the 2 hrs.train ride.

the day was super fun....simply because it's outside from our usual school day life. bikinis, floral shorts, summer dresses, sun glasses, endless conversation/laughing... and us getting a tan... PERFECT!!!

P.S. natalie hurt her knee.. bigtime
P.P.S. lenka got stung by a jellyfish

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

baby sarah!!!

welcome to earth sarah marie...

and congrats to my kuy-kuy and ish...

i called home as soon as i got the news...

me: hey papa, i heard sarah is such an adorable baby... but uhmmm i just wanted to know if am still your princess (insecure tone).

papa: yes, am now a grandpa...and of course honey your still my princess, your picture is still posted at our frige (laughing).