Monday, November 16, 2009

papa moments

(@mcdo katipunan, breakfast date last september)

eva drove me to school today, since i need to catch the 8:10 faculty bus. before getting off, i kissed her and said "thanks for drivin' me to school, be safe on your way back home"...

sarka, couldn't help it and said "what a spoiled brat" with a huge grin... i just said "oh well" and winked.

i felt a sudden jolt... and geeeeeeeez i miss papa... i just realized what i said to eva, is my line to papa, when he (and my mom) drove me to school, to work or some place else. good thing, i still have enough phone credits so...

i called home... and yes, as always he said "iloveyoubaby". it made my day!

....ohh, i miss mom, kuy-kuy and mckoy as well.

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