Monday, November 2, 2009

monday monday!!!

"the teacher's bus is leaving! are you feeling alright?" - natalie alarm bell obviously didn't work today. ughhhh!!! and yes, i was lucky that today the universe was on my side. the bus7 came as soon as i reached the bus stop, i was able to catch the fast train (ban-ciao and taipei) and i was able to get a sit at the mrt during monday rush... lucky me!!! since i was on my in-a-hurry mode, i didn't realize it was cold... winter (minus the snow) is already here.

since, our class today started at 9am (make up session)... am 45 minutes late...oh well.. i did my best.

we took the jiojio bus back to toayuan... went for nap.. and just when i was about to head to the city for dinner and grocery, eva texted me if wanna go to carrefour... ohh yeah!

we had dinner at this posh hotpot place near carrefour....yummy!!!

we didn't go aisle to aisle this them... but it's ok, i don't wanna get tempted and buy something that i really don't need.... hehehe

here's what i bought:

1. paper cups (for eva)
2. tea (ceylon, sri lanka)
3. my energy bar (barres cereleas -abricots et chocolat au lait)
4. rosemary and honey soap (4 bars)
5. neutrogena daily scrub
6. mouthwash
7. sensodyne - gum proection
8. wet tissue
9. 2 boxes of water (eva paid for it)

my grocery items doesn't end there... will have to go pinoy store and the big grocery nearby to complete my list. yes, i have to admit my grocery list every month got 3 columns. wahehehehe.

anyhoo... i gotta go, i need to read...

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