Wednesday, October 28, 2009

wednesday's unknown feeling

we had our graduation picture(s) taken today... to early huh?! but yeah, we had a blast.

it suddenly dawned on me that what happened this afternoon-- the perpetual click of the camera is a sign... that we'd be graduating soon and it'll be all over.

by next year, when we all get to wear IT again...
it'll be the REAL THING.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

thesis propsal and other school work random-ness

  • the weather is not helping me at all... bed weather. studying at home, where i can see my bed and the fact that i can turn the tv on, is not for me. good thing i live near school that i can always go to the library and study.
  • was able to submit finish the outline for cross strait and foreign affairs.. yeaaaaaabah!
  • still way behind with my readings for negotiation. good things we don't have a class this coming tuesday so i can catch up on my readings... whew!
  • sarka, leo and i will be presenting again for emily (2nd round).whoa that was quick.
  • after printing out school readings and likes, borrowing number of books, and other hand-outs my room is starting to look like a photocopy center. grrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  • was able to replace my super old pencil case for only NT$25... nothing fancy
  • books, from taoyuan campus, about labor migration migrated to my room weeks ago and i'm proud that i managed to read and put colorful tabs in between my lazy mode days.
  • i was able to google some useful articles and will keep looking.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

3 hours and beggin' for more

tossin' and turnin'
three pillows
warm blankie
starin' at the ceiling
imogen heap
raffe and leon
counting until whatever


...after days of consistently fulfilling her duty... my sleep fairy decided to be a party freak last and didn't show up.hmf!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


160/120 my test scores.... nah!!!! how i wish...

i was feeling so weak during the past few days... i even skipped my chinese class this week since my body is glued to my bed.


as planned we went to eva's for dinner and while waiting for the others to arrive eva took her digital blood pressure monitor to check my blood pressure.. and crap.. it was 150ish/100ish... and she looked me at said "we're going to the hospital tomorrow."

i didn't enjoy the dinner, not that i didn't the like the food but i have to control myself.... it was hard... baby back ribs staring back at me... i hate hate hate it when i can't indulge.

and oh! i made carrot cake.. according them it's goood.. yey! another talent.

eva picked me up and on my way downstairs i bumped with ginger and she decided to tag along.

my "moment" with the doctor didn't last long... here is our conversation (as i remembered)

dr: what can i do for you?
me: we checked my bp last night and the numbers were high.
dr: are you feeling sick?
me: yes... feeling dizzy...

the nurse took my bp and when she said 160/120, our faces dropped and there was silence...

my face went blank... and it took me 30 seconds to collect myself and listen to what trhe doctor was saying...

your blood pressure is really high for your age... try sleeping early, don't stress yourself and low soduim diet. check your blood pressure every morning and drink this medicine-norvasc . he also handed my score sheet to keep track of my blood pressure.

as we made our way out to dr. wei's eva confronted me and told me that my condition (my diastolic is high) is something that is something "seriuos" and shouldn't be disregarded...

i need to have a eating lifestyle overhaule.

no more...
  1. mcdonald's and other fastfoods
  2. coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  3. spam and the likes
  4. sleepless nights
  5. stress... stress.. stress..
and the list goes on and on.....