Friday, January 2, 2009

not this year...

happy new year!!!

i welcomed the new year in a different way... i spent it with the ENGLISH editor.

just before the last stop of the brown line he handed me the a map... the TAIPEI ZOO map. i gave him a big smile and said thank you. i couldn't stop smiling... come on... ZOO. nice nice.. not my typical "date".

before enduring the long walk and the cold weather we discussed which animals we're dying to see since it's impossible for us to see everything.

after walking for 4 hrs. we decided to get a snack and breathe.

kids with a happy face holding balloons, cotton candy, ice cream and other zoo trinkets made us smile and made us talk about our kiddie moments.

we strolled some more but the coldness didn't help us so we decided to leave and get dinner.

we had peking duck for dinner at his favorite restaurant. and something sweet-strange happened. when we're about to get our bill the lady asked him a cheezy question... in chinese.

L: is she your girlfriend?
E: smiled.
L: she's pretty.
E: (looking at me) yes, she is pretty.
C: *blushed*

we made our exit with a huge smile on our faces. how strange was that ... the girlfriend part.. we're not even holding hands not even a hint of sweetness so i (we) wonder what entered her mind and asked that question. oh well, it migt not be the "physical" geture- public display of affection... i guess E was right maybe the lady saw something... the way we look at each other. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! and abou the pretty part, i just have to take it as a compliment. i don't get that kind of compliment everyday so i just have to take it and enjoyed it...

the day ended how (i) we imagined it. we have the same feeling of we don't want the day to end but at the same time we want IT to end so we can look forward for the next one...