Sunday, November 1, 2009

early morning fireworks

last night, on my way home from apt.176-7 i saw a number of tents are being set up so i knew that that there would be an event. but i wasn't away that there's more...

since i wanted to enjoy the cool breeze i left my windows wide open, i didn't worry much about sunshine waking me up since may dark brown curtains is doing its best to keep my room as dark as i wanted... not that i don't like the morning sun.

while am enjoying my moments with my pillows, fireworks... woke me, i checked the time.. and geeeeeez, it was nine in the morning.. yes, nine! aside from the fireworks i can hear people chanting so loud.. i tried my best to ignore it hoping to get more sleep.. but nah!

it was almost after lunch when they get tired and went home.. i was happy.. for awhile.

...after doing some kitchen stuff, i heard a drilling noise. crap, i ran into my room and looked at the window. geez, a construction was going on. i was annoyed...big time.

since i couldn't sleep, i ended up watchin' sex and the city (season 3) with handee.

i think it was almost 5ish when i curled up with my blankie and enjoyed the cool breeze.

i guess living steps away from the district office is not always fun...

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