Sunday, September 20, 2009

fall semester 2009

vacation is sooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooover... ughh..

here is my schedule:

monday -> globalization and regional integration

tuesday -> international law and international organization
-> cross-taiwan strait affairs
-> international negotiation: theory and practice

friday -> cross-cultural communications

saturday-> seminar on foreign affairs

i decided to take mandarin for beginners.. yup, every wednesday and thursday, from 8:30 to 12:30..whew. 8 hours a week.. actually it's 16 hrs. but i'm just had sitting in the day(s) that am free...

and ohh.. deadline for thesis proposal: november 6... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

first week of classes is same old.. giving out syllabus, course requirements, and of course picking out dates for the presentation...

...anyway.. here is the recap of my busy week:


i (we) hate the fact that we have classes in taipei (monday and saturday)... i mean, waking yup early in the morning to take the train and all that crap for a two hr. class is insane...

we took the faculty bus going back to taoyuan so comfy... i passed by the mandarin learning center and bought the book... hehhehe. this is it.. am sooo learning mandarin...


what a long day?! the school is as busy as ever.. students here and there.. and they're like tonsssssssssssssssssssss! oh well.. students are eager beaver during the first few weeks.. after that lazy bone kicks in.. wahahahah.

after having 3 classes, i went to the see fennie & mimi (mandarin gurus) to get some hand-outs (mond. and tues. sessions) and homeworks...

flora saw the assignments that i had to submit, and she just said "waaaaaaaaa, you're teacher is evil" with a silly grin.. and just smiled back..

i went to see melody to discuss what did i missed in the first two sessions of chinese.. and geeeeeeeez it was a lot..

after having dinner at thai with nat and sarka i went home, made tea and started working on my chinese homework..after spending 2 hours and am still not half away it came to my mind that flora is right... whahahahahahaha.


i survived four hours of learning mandarin with minor injuries..WOOOOT!!

went straight to the ulrich's... seeing sophia and julia made me realize how much i miss them..

yes, made it to dinner hosted by eva.. fast train rocks!!! we got home by midnight.. over flowing food and stories... it was just lovely.


i managed to get up early and go to chinese class... thanks to coffee. i had so much fun today... mervin joined us and so as jojo (he said his class was boring, so he went out and joined us)... the the funniest thing is that mimi (our teacher) thinks jojo's chinese is so foreigner-ish.. whahahahaah. what the?! i mean jojo is sooo taiwanese... classic!! i had lunch with joseph at subway... then stayed at the library until whatever... whahaahha. i walked home and i just realized winter is gonna be sooooooon.. can't wait to wear winter jackets...yeabbahhh!


after emily's class, sarka and i ate at thai... yes, early dinner is my first meal of the day... i got up just in time for class... so wasn't able to grab anything... not even a slice of bread. went home changed bags and went to their place and picked up molly (nat's puppie)... went to eva's place since i promised his son--josh that we'd take molly for a walk.. it was fun...


uhmmm... nothing fancy..i mean commuting for a three hr. class is no fun...