Sunday, August 2, 2009

sunday randomness in bullets

warning: this post is a written compiltation of what's running in my brain at the moment, hence, nonesense.
  • i slept around 3ish and am surprised that i was up by 8.i hate the fact that my sleepfairy left me... alone and 3 hours short of i made breakfast and drunk my meds since i was hoping that it'll make me feel drowsy so i can drag myself back to my bed... but nah, i didn't... so i went to the morning market instead.
  • am feeling way better now. thanks to the new set of meds. i guess i have to show up at the office tomorrow.
  • am glad that yesterday i manged to "clean" the living room and deal with the trash... yeeebahh!
  • still not over with THAT Benetton bag... i just have to control myself since i'm waiting for this month's RL purchase to come here to Taiwan.
  • am excited to go home. i can't wait for my parents to HUG me so tight... for my father to ask me to tell all my taiwan stories... for me and to my younger to watch movies, eat out and talk about nonesense stuff.. to see my older bro's other side- him as a family man and for my mom and i to have chika-sessions hopefully over coffee.
  • can't wait to see the GURLS.. oh please... i just can't wait!!!! 1 year worth of stories. can't wait... i need it to let it from my system since it's making me overweight. ehehehehe.
  • am way behind the readings for my thesis.
  • greenbelt and mall of Asia here i come!
  • am hoping that WORK will grant my remaining leave request... oh pleaasseeeee.
  • been listening to the song take it from me by the weepies over and over.. and am likin' it more and more.
  • still not done with my things to bring/things to do/peeps to see LIST.
  • will go to carrefour and do my grocery... yeyeyeyeye!
  • i'm missing sarka, the couple, and natalie.
  • am i really excited for the fall semester to start?
  • don't forget to claim the ARC on Aug. 12
  • wondering what's on TV later.. pleassseee.. something good.
  • i havn't been running since since... come on' whatdya expect??? am dead tired from commuting.. and don't need another activity!
  • i hate the fact that our internet connection at home is sooooooo slow.. and i have no idea why??? lame lame lame. i wonder you're wondering am complaining since im at the office almost the entire day.. so why bother. simple: the FACT that am having a hard time connect.. it annoys me. and i believe that am "paying" for it so i deserve to have it.
  • dinner bell is ringing but im still not hungry... how weird is that?
  • will buy green tea (s)...
  • am still here at the public library... sweeeet.

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REA G. said...

hehehe nice to see your thoughts being written down :)

when are you leaving for the philippines???

i wanna go toooo :(