Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ARC, Trixie, and Meteor shower

i went to the immigration office to claim my ARC (alien resident certificate). so yes, another item crossed out in my things to do list.

since i was google-ing some stuff for my next assignment i came across the news about the
perseid Meteor shower , i asked for Regine's help to check about the time. and oh yeah!! aug. 12 10pm and aug.13 1am.. sweeeeeet. as soon as i saw natalie online, i buzzed her and invited her if she wanna meteor shower watching with me.. both of us prayed that the rain will stop so we can stay at the rooftop umbrella free.

before going home, i had dinner with trixie, she's a bit upset since still no luck about her job hunting. we hated the fact that she couldn't get a job as an english teacher because of her passport and her skin color. grrrr. to all the buxibans/cram schools out there the Philippines have 2 official languages - filpino and english.

i made it to natalie's twenty minutes before ten. as always molly- natalie's pupp licked my toes.
we decided to go to the rooftop for a good view. as our neck started to hurt and seeing 4 airplanes we decided to wait for fifteen more minutes. and by 10: 24 we saw ONE!

sweeet. something different. and i get to have a WISH...

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