Sunday, August 9, 2009

sunday mad-ness

i took the 4ish train to taipei since i'm anticipating that it'll take me like uhmm.. light years to figure out on what kind of tea should i buy as pasalabong.. ah yeah.. me being fickle minded at times. i was expecting for an annoying train ride since it's sunday but nope... luck was on my side that i was able to get a decent seat.yeeebaaaaaaaaah!

i was lucky that the guy gave me a good price and a freebie--a box of tea since i bought
12 boxes and of green tea...good deal!

Malcolm and i met at Dunhua exit 2 since we planned to have dinner at my fave
indian/pakistani for dinner-- aaleja. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!high five!! it was drizzling when got out from the station.. good thing he has an umbrella good enough for both of us so i don't have to use mine.

we ordered palak paneer, beef biryani and chicken kebab. sooooooooo happy... he's not into dairy products i get to finished all the cheese in palak paneer...oh yeah! so so lucky!

we enjoyed the food as we chatted. we talked about him running for office few years back, as an independent candidate and what he felt when he didn't make it. yada yadah!!!

he waited until i finished my milk tea. sorry man, aaleja equates to milk palaak paneer and milk eat *wink*.

good thing that rain had stopped so we decided to take a walk. we went to the famous eslite bookstore at dunhua exit 6. we browsed english books, magazines and even checked out chinese books... huge bookstore. the funny thing is.. he stopped me from going to the notebook section since he knew i'll go crazy and might ended up buying overprize notebook(s).

since Malcolm, is dying to buy a kettle so we went to sogo ... he didn't see anything that fancy his eyes so we checked out another mall at fuxing. we walked by the underground mall to avoid the busy street.

his a bit frustrated since almost all stuff from night markets and underground malls are mostly for girls. ah eh? Malcolm, i think you forgot that idea that women, in general, are born to shop!!!

it was a long walk and we're both feelin' tired so we decided to call it night... and yes. it was indeed a night...

thanks malcolm!!

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