Thursday, July 23, 2009

magic bagel and something else

rush hour is part of my summer life ever since i started my internship. am NOT complaining in fact am getting numb about it.

my body started to complain after 5 days of waking up early and commuting so i gave up my cereals ritual in exchange for 20 more minutes in bed and ended up re-united with glorious take outs.

yamazaki, 7-11, family mart, moss burger and magical bagel are my sources of energy it depending on what am i craving for on that specific morning.

so this morning i went for bagel.

anyway... i thought it will be usual morning but it turned out to be different... WAY DIFFERENT.

i ordered the usual- bacon and egg and a latte. while waiting for my take-out a guy(not taiwanese) ordered the same thing (not that i care or something) and smiled at me. i was in good mood that moment so i smiled back... after a long pause he approached me and started a conversation. it's the usual flow of conversation nothing special... yet!

my bagel was calling me so the conversation was cut short. i was smilin' when the lady handed me my breakfast i mean who wouldn't smile with bagel and coffee for breakfast.. who? who? who?

i turned to mr. b and said " gotta go, time to work" and smiled...

... he smiled back and said "KEEP SMILIN, YOU HAVE A PRETTY SMILE"

i can feel my cheeks turned so i made a half baked smile and turn away.

didn''t want him to see that my face turned red so i didn't look back.

anyhooo ... i actually enjoyed my breakfast in a different way.

oh well.. sometimes rush hour can be annoying but this morning's rush hour is something else... a sweeeeeeeeet something else.

P.S: to mr. b, thanks for the compliment
i hope you enjoyed your bagel in as much i enjoyed mine.

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