Saturday, May 2, 2009

movie night!

we marked our calendars weeks ago and made a smooth plan of watching x-men after the TOP (sherry and sarka's mandarin proficiency exam) and yes we're COMPLETE + 1(michael- the polish guy from sherry's mandarin class).

we're so into the movie that no one said a word except for us girls- throwing comments once in awhile about hugh jackman's pretty face and toned body- hahahahaa

after the movie we decided to have thai for dinner. while on our way michael got a phone call and had to leave. i (we) enjoyed the food and while chatting and chatting.

since we live outside taipei (except eddie) we hurried up to catch the train but we're not fast enough to catch the last bus.

while standing at the train station... tryin' to get a cab. we decided to get some dessert... mcflurry! and we did and killed some time until our body decided it's time to go home.

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