Friday, May 22, 2009


class meeting...NOT

got an email last night from melissa that there'll be a class meeting. my mind went... is this it???

ok.. i know.. somehow i felt that it might be their surprise for me. so assuming huh?? oh well, it's been a class tradition that we greet/we wish our birthday boy/girl "happy birthday".
there's a legit agenda. the class bbq will be the on the week after the dragon boat festival. after some comments, melissa just said "the day after tomorrow is crisci's birthday... and there... they started singing... and arthur carrying my bday cake...when the cake reached infront of me… i took a quick peak… and there i went crazy… why?? the cake’s theme: a girl giraffe… love love love the cake.

of course birthday isn’t complete without gifts. ah eh??! the guess the gift part went a li’l green (i think it started last year… halloween party).

birthday and laughter… made my day.

thanks guys... i really appreciate the gesture.

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