Friday, April 24, 2009

"the couples" place

just got home from the "couple's place", since our washer is still no use, i went to their place and did my laundry and it turned out to be a laundry bonding. and oh, tonight pheobe (their dog) is surprisingly not annoying *wink*.

i love going to their humble abode. they never fail to serve brewed coffee and snackie everytime i pay a visit.

aside from the coffee chats that we usually have during my "visit/s" what i really like about being around them is that i can feel that they have this overflowing love for one another. i know, they're not perfect, like any other couple i bet they have fight as well. but i know there is something.

they take care of me as if am 10, really sweet eh?!. like tonight, my laundry detergent spilled over my laundry bag (how stupid can i get?!?!). you know what they did? the couple just cleaned the bag without saying a word. i know its not a big thing as what they'd always say" no biggie". but for me simple things/gestures makes me weak.

...having them around makes my life a lot easier and sweeter.

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