Monday, September 15, 2008

7-11 and MCU Jihe Campus

before leaving my place, i made sure that i have the directions with me...i don't want to get lost in taipei and be late for school.

1.) take the TRA- taipei,
2.) the MRT redline (beitou) get off to Jiantan
3.) jiantan exit 1, cross the street, look for a 7-11 and the building across is the jihe campus.

easy... right?? well, it is... sort of. as i got off from jiantan exit 1, i cross the street and in less than 100 steps i saw a 7-11 but not the school... grrr!

where the hell is MCU-jihe campus??? i asked the guy from 7-11 but the language barrier prevailed. and walked out frustrated.

i just decided to walk further.... starting to get worried when i saw a 2nd 7-11... and across it, is the jihe campus...what the?? no one even mentioned that there are two 7-11.. hmf!!

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Natalie said...

HA HA HA -- I think that every first timer coming to the MCU JiHe campus has this experience-- their map & directions aren't very good... and 7-11s are like weeds here!! :-) Jia you!