Tuesday, September 2, 2008

day one!

welcome to taiwan!!!

it was drizzling, good thing i signed up for the "pick-up" form so i wouldn't have any problems.

as i wait for my baggage i had this image of what will transpire moments later. someone is standing in the arrival area he/she is holding a name plate and id approach him/her and we'd bid our hi and hellos... but its not what happened.

i waited for a couple of hours but no one showed up. i was so upset and teary eyed. yes, i was teary eyed why? i was trying to get some help but no one speaks english.

how did i regain my composure?

after having NT$, i grabbed a quick snack then bought a taiwan sim..

...and suddenly an angel appeared-hehehehe. apparently, the lady from the TW mobile kiosk speaks english.

the angel figured that i was worried, so she offered help...

she helped me phoned the school, i didn't understood the first 3 minutes of their conversation except for my name -ughhh then the angel handed me the phone.i was annoyed by the train conversation i had with the lady from school. instead of her being concern and all she argued instead with a tone that i didn't ticked the "pick-up" box... what the?!?

i sounded so annoyed and upset that the angel another help... getting a taxi.

i showed the uni's addie to the cab driver (good thing i have the taiwanese version!)and geeez NTS$800 (US$25) is the asking price since im harassed i gave in without any questions.

as i reached the international students advising office (isao) a lady with a tone approached me (obviously it's her) and argued all over again. grrrr. i wanted to yell her... "shut up". seriously, it's my first time in your country, 2/10 speaks english and the school didn't pick me up...uhmm the least thing that she can do is asked what want wrong and discussed the matter, rationally and calmly but of course she didn't.

ms. yvonne, the lady to whom i submitted the forms and the like hurried up to me and apologized, there was a misunderstanding in their end.

i took a cab from taoyuan to jhongli, ms.betty helped me to get a cab. i couldn't remember how much it cost it me... but am sure it was a lot. and yes, i believed that cab here is way expensive than home.

i waited for an hour to holly (my housemate) at starbucks... after some tralalaalala. she showed me "our" home and my room. i wasn't even paying attention since the only thing that's running to brain was rest..rest.. rest..

i was so tired that i didn't even unpacked my stuff.

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