Monday, September 29, 2008

no classes!!!

it wasn't the alarm clock that woke me... it was the strong wind and the heavy rain that made me get out from bed. as i hit the shower i was battling with the thought of me not going to school. well i hate commuting under the rain.. who does anyway?

well good thing the universe was on my side.. just before i wear my flipflops i got a message from natalie, telling me that the class is suspended due to the typhoon. so i went to back to bed...

after hours of sleeping... i managed to get to gain my senses by lunch time. i made pancakes for brunch since i really don't feel like eating.

after eating i pulled out some readings and TRIED my best to deal with the readings. but after reading a couple of pages my sleepfairy showed up so i there i buried the readings and went to bed.

what can i do... today is a bed weather..

.... so i guess i have to cram later.

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