Saturday, October 24, 2009

thesis propsal and other school work random-ness

  • the weather is not helping me at all... bed weather. studying at home, where i can see my bed and the fact that i can turn the tv on, is not for me. good thing i live near school that i can always go to the library and study.
  • was able to submit finish the outline for cross strait and foreign affairs.. yeaaaaaabah!
  • still way behind with my readings for negotiation. good things we don't have a class this coming tuesday so i can catch up on my readings... whew!
  • sarka, leo and i will be presenting again for emily (2nd round).whoa that was quick.
  • after printing out school readings and likes, borrowing number of books, and other hand-outs my room is starting to look like a photocopy center. grrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  • was able to replace my super old pencil case for only NT$25... nothing fancy
  • books, from taoyuan campus, about labor migration migrated to my room weeks ago and i'm proud that i managed to read and put colorful tabs in between my lazy mode days.
  • i was able to google some useful articles and will keep looking.

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